Orbis Intrinsically Safe Heat Detector BR ORB-HT-51150

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The European Standard EN 54-5 classifies heat detectors to the highest ambient temperature in which they can safely be used without risk of false alarm. The classes are identified by the letters A to G (Class 1 is subdivided into A1 and A2). In addition to the basic classification, detectors may be identified by a suffix to show that they are rate-of-rise (suffix R) or fixed (static) temperature (suffix S) types. All heat detectors in the Orbis I.S. range are tested as static or rate-of-rise detectors and are classified as A1R, A1S, A2S, BR, BS, CR and CS.

Download Datasheet.

Requires Orbis I.S. Timesaver Base Product code: ORB-MB-50018-APO for installation which must be ordered separately.

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