Kilsen KL710 Rate of Rise Heat Detector

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KL710 Heat Detector

This detector raises an alarm when the temperature exceeds a fixed temperature level or when the programmed rate of the increase of temperature is exceeded. They are used where a fire could cause an abrupt elevation of the temperature, or where smoke of controlled combustion, aerosols, etc. do not allow the use of any other type of detector.

With outstanding performance, efficiency and durability, the KL700 series conventional fire detectors is the ideal solution for every installation. They are designed specifically for use with Kilsen conventional fire panels, but may also be connected to most 3rd party industry standard conventional fire panels
With an attractive design and advanced features, these fire detectors have been designed to cope with difficult and even extreme situations. The series comprises a range of detectors including optical and heat detectors, supporting a universal base that suits every application.

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